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Someone I once knew said "We live in SecondLife and only visit RealLife."

And in my almost 5 months of being in SL, they are correct. I am addicted to Secondlife as are many of the people I know. Why are we so addicted? It might have to do with the fact that in SL, you're not bound to society rules, regulations, judgement. I'm not saying that in SL such things don't exist, but for many, including myself, SL is an escape from reality.

In SL you can be whatever you so gladly choose. You are your own limit. Limitations are sometimes needed. I have known many that try to separate SL from RL,I also have tried, and failed. It is so difficult to keep your feelings apart, your friends, the people you interact with on a daily basis in SL. 

SL is a game. But there are very real people behind the avatar, people with real feelings, real hearts and many of them pour that into SL...and wind up hurt. I've seen people leave the game because they couldn't handle the pain, the drama, etc.

I've been in discussions, arguments whatever you may with people that believe that those whom see SL as more than a game are "very sad people." I disagree. You don't know that person's life, SL or RL, you don't know what they've been through, what they are going through. So don't judge them based on your beliefs.That goes for SL and RL. The only way you're able to judge a person is if you walk a mile in their shoes, feel their weight on your shoulders, experience their experiences first hand, an even then you cannot fully understand them.

So whether you're in SL for fun or looking fore more, be kind, be forgiving, and if you can't do either, walk away.

-- Zaidee

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