Demons Motivation


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                I guess I started a series unintentionally yesterday when I blogged about friendship and acceptance. I brought up topics of acceptance and imperfections. This specific post is about something a little different. Don’t get me wrong it ties into the theme perfectly. If you haven’t gathered from the title of this post, then I worry about you. Lol This post is about demons, specifically one’s inner demons. Those creatures that live inside of us that make us fearful, anxious, angry and self-conscious. We’ve created those demons through our fears and insecurities; they’ve grown with every “mistake” and negative experience you’ve had, at least for me they have. My personal demons have festered through the years and have become pretty powerful; they make me question my self-worth, my competence, and self-confidence. My demons have made me fearful of trusting others, feeling as if I won’t be accepted. I’ve had many battles with my demons; sometimes they’ve won. Those moments that I had given into my demons have been hell for me. I don’t regret those moments though, they serve as a reminder. That reminder is valuable—it’s given me motivation to keep fighting against my demons. You will always have demons; there will be times when they win. But once you’re in hell, keep going. Those experiences make you a better person.


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