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“Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such a friend, Love RealEvil”

      It’s easy to be a friend when things are going well. But it is much harder to be a true friend when the other person is going through hell. In situations like that people’s true characters are revealed. I’m so thankful that I have made true friends. People I care deeply about and I know that they also care about me. People that have seen me at my worst and have not judged me. Those moments of vulnerability mean more to me than all the riches in the world. Because in those moments you see the person, the real person, not the walls and facades they’ve created. We are all human; we all have feelings and insecurities. And we all wish to be accepted, loved and welcomed. It is truly a beautiful thing to find those that make you feel loved and special even when you want to.  When you’ve found those that make you feel this way, don’t take them for granted.

     So I don’t often blog about products I buy/wear, but this is a special post. However the  bracelet I'm wearing was a personalized gift from a really dear friend of mine, RealEvil (crashnoww). RealEvil is the owner and creator of RealEvil Industries. His products are incredibly detailed mesh jewelry, watches and Collars. RealEvil’s products are incredibly affordable for the amount of detail and quality. 
I honestly think that Real's products are impeccable, but what's even better is his customer service. He responds quickly and efficiently if you're having an issue with your products. 
The bracelet Zaidee is wearing can be found here. His inworld store can be found here

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