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I have always been fascinated with vintage attire. The 1940’s and 1950’s had timeless elegance and glamour. The women of this time period had sex appeal with grace. My god! It's amazing! I am definitely an old soul. I find myself listening to Golden Oldies, and my heart is filled with Nostalgia. I love the fashion, I love the music! And I love SOME of the ideologies of olden times. I love that women carried themselves like ladies, they had self-respect and class. I love how men were gentlemen. I feel like much of that is lost nowadays. It would be really fantastic if we could bring back the morals and self-respect of the 1940’s—that would be great!

Anyways, So I’ve been listening to a lot of Rock N’ Roll! So this outfit on Zaidee is inspired based on the song Dizzy MissLizzy - Larry Williams.
On Zaidee:
Hands: Elegant @Slink
Hair: Sadie--Light Brown Fade 05 @Truth Hair
Eyebrows: Foxy--Dark Brown @The Shop
Tattoo: Virgin @Your cocain
Piercings: Against the Stream @Hebenon Vial
Shirt: Scarlett Shirt Red Dot @Marshmallow
Skirt: Mini Skirt Dark Leather Black @Maitreya
Shoes: Mae Platform - Polka Dot @[Gos] Boutique

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