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Hello My Old Heart.

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Life is full of unexpected events--sometimes they're wonderful and other times...not so much. One thing that is certain is that from every experience you can learn and hopefully grow as a person. My RL was little bit of a disaster. I had a lot of unexpected things happen that left me feeling a little bit hurt and broken. There are times when we are going to feel fragile and broken. We are human after all. Part of the human condition includes suffering for whatever reason; however, a beautiful thing about humanity is our ability to take difficult experiences and adapt and grow. As long as we have hope in our hearts we can surpass those difficulties. So if you're feeling broken, that's okay. Take time to feel, but just don't stay that way forever. It's gonna be all okay.♥ 
These pictures were taken a month or so ago when I was also sort of feeling upset and a little bit broken-hearted as well. I had been listening to Hello, My Old heart and felt kind of inspired to do a different kind of picture. There are times when I create looks that aren't average fashionable avis. These looks are a process for me. They take a lot of time, energy, effort and linens! lol. Whenever I have an image in my head I am pretty determined to find things that fit my character and mood. For example the hair in this picture is actually 2 hairs stacked together and edited. The open heart is a combination of 3 different attachments.
On Zaidee:
Hair: catwa
Slink feet and Hands
Outfit: Apple Mini Grill (retired) 

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