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Hello my lovelies!
This isn't my usual blog post style but lately I've been feeling kind of anti-clothes in SL. No, I haven't been running around the Grid naked...just in panties and a bra! Lol! I was inspired to do this blog post by Ziekling Bunnyhug's Twerk-tastic blog post. I love the white-on-white style of her post and not to mention that she looks damn sexy too! This simplified "outfit"also allows for a better display of the jewelry Zaidee is wearing. Speaking of jewelry, The Jewelry Fair opens tomorrow, September 13th and runs until the 28th. Zaidee is wearing some super cute creations by [Fetch]. The Ring Lolli reminds me of Ring Pops I used to eat as a kid (I still do...my favorite was always watermelon). Anyways be sure to check out the Jewelry Fair! I'll be blogging more products available there! So go check it out tomorrow!

On Zaidee:
Hair: Writer Hair - Pastels\Bronte (white) |M4ri1yn Magic| ~Tableau Vivant~  @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
Skin: Harley <Peach> |mochi.milena|[PF]
Eyes:  Quinn (Mesh) Atlantic |photos.nikolaidis| Vision by A:S:S
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4  |Siddean Munro| Slink *NEW UPDATE*  
Hands & Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant & Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)-
                         High - |Siddean Munro| Slink 
             Slink Appliers: Tiara Tips Slink nail Huds |derryD| Glaze
Piercings: Dermal Gemstones  -Hips- |Reeann Frost| <-Puncture->
Necklaces:  Lani Necklace - mother of pearl |distorteddreams|  [Fetch] ( The Jewelry Fair Opens 9/13)  *NEW*  
                   Sabi Necklace |distorteddreams|  [Fetch] ( The Jewelry Fair Opens 9/13)  *NEW*  
Ring: Ring Lolli - Purple |distorteddreams|  [Fetch] ( The Jewelry Fair Opens 9/13)  *NEW*  
Top: Twisted Top - White {appliers for Slink Physique} |mathew.huxxely| { DARKLABS }
Underwear: Bikini UnderLoons {Slink Physique Applier} |ziekling.bunnyhug| (Epoque)
Shoes: Allure Heels- White |kenadeecole| REIGN.  *NEW*  

Pose: Nina Pose 3 |carolina.sautereau| Kirin

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