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The Arcade is here! The Arcade is here!! The Arcade season is upon us! (For those of you confused on what The Arcade is, it's a HUGE Gacha Fair that happens every 3 months, last round was in June!). For those of you who don't know know I am kind of, very much, a Gacha Junkie.  Like honestly, I could honestly probably benefit from a 12-step program...but...yeah...there's a certain rush in the "Just one more pull!!" It feels like Christmas when you finally get a rare in the machine you've sunk a lot of money in; even better when you get a rare on the first try! Anyways, Back to The Arcade! Yes! I love the Arcade!! Despite the fact that I spend wayyyy too much at The Arcade, it is a magical and wonderful place! I look forward to it every single round! This round has some amazing and wonderful things whether you're looking for Furniture, Hair and Skins (mostly female, sorry gentleman), it's a great place to find unique items. I was super excited over Ispachi's Florian Gacha set, despite the fact that it's beautiful textured, the Puppy Rare just melted my heart. I had to have it. I mean I NEEDED IT! Along with Ispachi, Fashionably Dead (FD) made a set of Cat Gachas that are so cute and funny! So whether you're a dog person or a cat person I definitely recommend going to The Arcade. Just make sure you're aware that there maybe a lot of other people there and you will encounter lag. But in my opinion it's totally worth it!

On Zaidee:
Eyes:  Quinn (Mesh) Atlantic |photos.nikolaidis| Vision by A:S:S
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4  |Siddean Munro| Slink *NEW UPDATE*  
Hands & Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual, Elegant & Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)-
                         High - |Siddean Munro| Slink 
             Slink Appliers: Burst Slink Nails |distorteddreams| [Fetch]
Hair: Dancing on my own 15. Wild Fusion 2 |Kavar Cleanslate| ::Exile:: @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
Skin: Skye II - Asia 01 |aida.ewing| -Glam Affair- @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
Ring:  Lady Heart Tiara RIng - Pink |Polyester Partridge| (Yummy) @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
          Moon Princess Ring - Pink/Blue |Polyester Partridge| (Yummy) @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
Purse: Gigi Bag - Princess RARE |eilfie.sugarplum| .TSG. @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
Sash: Pageant Sash / Royal (Queen of Everything) |Emery Milneaux| [Commoner] @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
Hair Accessory: Veil of Thorns (White-Pink) |Halogen Magic| +Half-Deer+
Necklace: Chained Heart Collar RLV |crashnoww| **RE** *NEW*  
Bracelets: ReVoX Cora Watch |velvetskin| **RE**  *NEW*  
Corset: Corset - White |eilfie.sugarplum| .TSG.
Skirt: Princess Tutu - Pink |eilfie.sugarplum| .TSG.
Underwear: Bikini UnderLoons {Slink Physique Applier} |ziekling.bunnyhug| (Epoque)
Shoes: Gigi Heels - White - SLINK High |eilfie.sugarplum| .TSG.

Pose: Nina Pose 3 |carolina.sautereau| Kirin

ISPACHI [Florian] Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE |Andred Qinan| @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
ISPACHI [Florian] ChairISPACHI [Florian] Bedside Locker With Lamp [Pink] @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
ISPACHI [Florian] Dresser [Pink] @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
(fd) Cat - 13 Standing Up |Toast Bard|  @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
(fd) Cat - 18 Peeking in Box RARE |Toast Bard|  @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
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