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Sugar Sugar, Candy Girl!

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Candy and Chocolate and Sweets...mmm...yummy! I have to confess that I have a giant sweet tooth and will pretty much devour anything that's filled with sugary goodness! I was super excited when Candy Fair 2014 was announced. It's 2 full sims filled with sugary confections in the form of clothing, accessories, hair, furniture, shoes and poses! Speaking of poses, I was accepted as a blogger for *EverGlow* (YAY!) This super cute pose from the Juicy pose collection is available at the Candy Fair. L.Warwick created these deliciously amazing Chocolate Aurora Divinity Series shoes. I freakin' love these shoes, though they make me hungry every time wear them. Haha, I love this entire outfit! Willy Wonka has always been one of my favorite books and films, so when I came across this outfit by [AD] I about fell over. It just kind of awed me--the avant garde nature of it is just wonderfully wicked! There is one thing to keep in mind if you decide to purchase this outfit is that it's only available in one size, so make sure you demo it first.

On Zaidee:
Skin: [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure |Mochi Milena| [PF]
Hair: Lollipop Girl - Browns |Helyanwe Vindaloo| .ploom. @Candy Fair  *NEW*  
Eyes: Mesh eyelids (solid) (photo prop) |Siddean Munro| Slink
Hands & Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant & Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)-
                         Mid - |Siddean Munro| Slink 
             Slink Appliers: Candy Slink nail Huds |derryD| Glaze
Hand Tattoo: Sugar Rush *Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl* |Melissajeanne Flores|  Bella Elephante @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Necklace: Sweetheart Necklace - Choco |Eilfie Sugarplum| .TSG. @Candy Fair *NEW*  
Outfit: Tribute to Wonka |Aliza Karu| [AD] 
Shoes: Aurora -Divinity Series- Chocolate  (Slink) |Lindsey Warwick| [L.Warwick] @Candy Fair *NEW*  
Weapon: Candy Crusher (pastel goth) |Aranel Ah| *BOOM* Clothing Co. @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 

Pose: Juicy 08 - |Fanny Willis| *EverGlow* @Candy Fair *NEW*  

Marshmallow Poof! |pamela22.igaly| Bokeh. @Candy Fair *Gacha Item*  
Treat Neons - Chocolate Bar |DistoredDreams| [Fetch] @Candy Fair *NEW*  
Mange Destin 11 - Raspberries & Blackberries |8f8| 8f8 @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Mange Destin 02 - Sweet fruity lolly pops |8f8| 8f8 @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Mange Destin 05 - Milk chocolate stones |8f8| 8f8 @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Mange Destin 10 - Vanilla crescent cookies |8f8| 8f8 @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Mange Destin 08 - Wild cherry hard candies |8f8| 8f8 @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Peppermint sticks |alixxbella|  tarte. - @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Rainbow Cupcakes ~ |Kala Bijoux| LuckyCC @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Rainbow Donuts ~ |Kala Bijoux| LuckyCC @Candy Fair *Gacha Item* 
Backdrop:Texture changing Background |Kurt Mortensen| -WDK- 

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