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Photo By Qopi ♥

Oh my god, it's super exciting posing with Qopi! I have always admired Qopi's Blog. When I first joined SL many moons ago, Qopi's blog was one of the first blogs I ever looked at and followed. Then I started chatting with her on Plurk! Over last summer while I was with my Grandma in the hospital Qopi and Ron kept me company. We would Skype and watch Avatar: Legend of Korra. It made my time in the hospital bearable.  I'm so thankful to Qopi. She's truly a beautiful person inside and out and I'm humbled she was willing to do a blog post with me! Thank you so much, Qopi, you're amazing and wonderful! ♥ 
So please Check out Qopi's Blog | Flickr |
On Zaidee:Hair: 
[Hair +Bow] Beans |Sabina Gully| Magika
Gloves: {appliers for Slink Hands} 
Knit Gloves |Izzie Button| Izzie's
combo shirt - wayne.blush (Scarf is included) |ColdLogic| ColdLogic
Radi - Boots Cut Jeans - S D.Blue |Blueberryxx| Blueberry
 Kerin Flats (Physique)- Bubblegum |Kenadeecole| REIGN.
donnut bag |May Tolsen| *Tentacio* @omgacha

on Qopi:
hair - boo Nakamura, boon.
top - woomi Latte, amitomo
skirt - Sissy Pessoa, baiastice| collabor88 january 2015
scarf - lllMiku, mikunch | the season's story winter 2015
slippers - lllMiku, mikunch | creator's collection box
headband - kikunosuke Eel
poses - Olivia Lalonde, le poppycock

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