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Six: Life after Uni

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Since graduating University (College in the US) I have been bumming around my house pretty much not doing anything productive. Lol. It makes me sound super lazy and whatnot, but in all honesty, I've been in school for two decades (I'm 23 years-old) so I kinda feel like a little break is long over due! As a treat/ Christmas present I went on a mini vacation for about a week and a half which was really nice, but to be completely honest I think my absolute favorite thing to do it just bum around the house, surf the interwebs and play SL or watching a bunch of things on Netflix. I'm an addict! (I legit watched all of Parks and Recreation, I totally recommend it!)
Anyways, I've had this blog post set up for about a month and I haven't gotten around to blogging it until now. It's my Ode to Bum Life after University! The photos are relatively busy and cluttered, that's kind of how my RL room is like. Lol there's lots of wonderful items from past arcades as well as newer items. Little Llama made these hilarious Potato with popular internet faces, my personal fave is the Troll face, it made me giggle! I also absolutely love this Penguin mug from Half-Deer (I'm kind of obsessed with penguins) The mug is adorable and super duper cute! Speaking of cute and adorable things, Snitch made these really cute kitten flats at OMGacha, as well as this adorable owl back pack! OMGacha runs until the 30th of January! Go get them!!

... and Here's a close up of my outfit! Credits down below!

On Zaidee:
Beans |Sabina Gully| Magika

Hair accessory:
Penny bow - White |Faylinn Erin| .:Buttery Toast:.

Sir Fluffybutt - White |Faylinn Erin| .:Buttery Toast:.

Snitch - Owl back pack - RARE  |Nena Bowdit & MsWhiteRabbit Resident| Snitch @OMGacha

 Moon - Tucked In Shirt - Slink - White |blueberryxx| Blueberry *NEW*  

Xale - Mesh - Jeans - NORMAL - Slink - Midnight |blueberryxx| Blueberry *NEW*  

Snitch - Kitten Flats - RARE |Nena Bowdit & MsWhiteRabbit Resident| Snitch @OMGacha

Noodles - Mystery 1 RARE | Natalee Oddle| (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item* 
Noodles - Books to Beauty | Natalee Oddle| (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item* 
Noodles - Books to Bothers | Natalee Oddle| (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item* 
Noodles - Books to Sleeping | Natalee Oddle| (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*
Noodles - Books to Monsters | Natalee Oddle| (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*

Minimalist Christmas - Bed (PG) RARE |distorteddreams| [Fetch] *Gacha Item*

{Sleepy Eddy} LeatherBostonBag (navy) |Metro Moonwall|  (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*

Bed Decor:
Super Magical Portable Internet Machine (kitty)|Aranel Ah| *BOOM* *Gacha Item*
Winter Whimsy - Winter in a Cup (Penguin) |Halogen Magic| +Half-Deer+  (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*

erratic / home - hot chocolate speciale RARE  (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*

Geek Chips* SORGO - RabixCube  |Arscene Dubrovna| * S O R G O (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*

Geek SketchBook  |Arscene Dubrovna| * S O R G O (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*

 Ball Ham Fuzzy |Zen Zarco| <:*BoOgErS*:> (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*

Floorplan. & SigFig. faux taxidermy unicorn / rainbow |sigifaust & Tegan Serin| @Collabor88 

Fleur Sideboard (Grey) |wearhousefifteendesigns| AF (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*
Writer's Room - Book Stack |Tya Fallingbridge| Pixel Mode  (Previous The Arcade) *Gacha Item*

Mesh Guitar Case [Female] |Braevin| .t13.

Dresser & things:
Potato - OMG |Persey Garcia|  Little Llama
Potato - Trollolol |Persey Garcia|  Little Llama
Vintage Gamer Set |distorteddreams| [Fetch] *Gacha Item*
Slammers -Slip on Shoes- Black/Pink |Lindsey Warwick| {Livalle}

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