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And if the world don't break
I'll be shakin' it
'Cause I'm a young man after all
And when the seasons change
Will you stand by me?
'Cause I'm a young man built to fall

Hello Lovelies! 
I hope that you're all doing well! I've got some exciting new items to blog! Emporium accepted me as a blogger! With that I got these wicked awesome shoes to blog, They're apart of the the Jack-or-Jill Hunt that's going on from Feb 1- 28th at Deprived Nation. There are lots of really awesome items to be found on this hunt. So There are lots of really awesome things I'd love to highlight! First I wanna say how awesome The Relentless tattoo from {Speakeasy} is! I love it! It's new and available at their Mainstore! I absolutely love these cosmetic enhancements from < Nova > at The Dressing Room Fusion! I love the eyebags, they make my eyes pop and just look really nice and subtle. Check this stuff out and Happy Hunting! :D

Hurt | Nova Faerye | Little Bones.  *Group Gift* 

Weakness Piercing | Kathya Szczepanski | .Pekka. 

Dimple Piercings (Gemstone) Basics | Reeann Frost | <-Puncture-> 

Sagan. Liner { oo3 } | Noctea Despres | < nova > @The Dressing Room Fusion  *NEW*

Eye bags:
Eyebags. { dark/1oo%/hard }| Noctea Despres | < nova > @The Dressing Room Fusion  *NEW*

Relentless Chaos tat Fresh | JamesEdwardQ | { Speakeasy } *NEW*

Lipstick {Nyam Nyam} 
Hexia Lips - V2 - Nyam -Red | Nikohl Hax | .random.Matter. 

Tempe Necklace - Onyx | Nikohl Hax | .random.Matter. @Uber *NEW*

Caged top mint | Sissy Pessoa | Baiastice 

Minka Skirt (sugar) | Aranel Ah | *BOOM* 

jOj Heels - JackorJill HUNT | Antonia Millar | EMPORIUM *Hunt Item* 

FROZEN - Mic pose 1 |Weronika Pobieski| 
SKBIO animations - Qopi 1 & 3 |Lucas777 Vespucciano|

[ARIA] Gretchen vintage rug (fade to black) | yelo.uriza | (Previous The Arcade) 
vintage microphone | superjaix | xin. *Gacha Item* 
way2indie4u shelf | superjaix | xin. *Gacha Item* 
record chair | superjaix | xin. *Gacha Item* 
water  | superjaix | xin. *Gacha Item* 
new classic | superjaix | xin. *Gacha Item* 
studio table | superjaix | xin. *Gacha Item* 
geeky powerstrip two w/wires | Elle Kirshner | *Second Spaces*
Engel chair / black - silver [PG] | Kunst Himmel | [ Kunst ]
Record Player |Hideki Carami| HIDEKI *Gacha Item* 
Guitar - Red | ValiantCo | [Consignment.] *Gacha Item* 
Guitar Amp Set Dark  | wolferein.foxdale | .:Space Engineer:.
7.AMITOMO.School Piano Cover | (woomi.latte |  *Gacha Item*  
Acoustic Pyramid Panel, dark grey | Domsson Lean | Mad Mesh 

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