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23. Fairy Nightsong

7:26 PMUnknown

Dancing a spiral we sing unaware
On fairy night wings our songs fill the air
Making a circle of magic and light
Watched silently by the Fey of the night

Our hearts full of love and our arms open wide
We hold the key to the fairies delight
Song in our hearts belong in the air
The words of our wisdom we bring forth to share

The songs in the night
As we dance 'round the flame
The Fairy Nightsongs are never the same
The words from our lips as we sing for the night
Impart to the Fey our hearts truest sight

Magic Spheres Pose 6 |Katia Millet| Icons of Style  Taken at Blithe
Hello Lovelies!
It's been a little while since my last post. I'd been a little under the weather RL, so I'm sorry for the delay! I have a lot to catch up on! So there's about a week left at the Skin Fair, it ends on the 31st. There are 2 sims, Zaidee is wearing Random.Matter's Ashri in Porcelain. I absolutely love this skin! It's gorgeous and lovely and the details are amazing! I also love the eyebrows, I have thick eyebrows in RL so I tend to favor skins that have thicker fuller brows. <3 I would definitely encourage you guys to check out Random.Matter at the Skin Fair.

 Style Card:

Mesh Body - Lara V2.1 |Onyx LeShelle| Maitreya *NEW*

Ashri - Porcelain |Nikohl Hax| .random.Matter. @Skin Fair *NEW*

Lipstick {Nyam Nyam appliers} 
Ashri Skin - Porcelain [Coral] [Nyam] |Nikohl Hax| .random.Matter. @Skin Fair *NEW*

 Katt Eyeliner v2 { blue } |Noctea Despres| < nova >  @Skin Fair *NEW*

Give and Take: 6. Grayscale |Kavar Cleanslate| Exile:: @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 

 Butterflies Wearth (blue) |Persfona| Persefona

Dark Crystal Crown ULTRA |Snitchqueen| [nyctophilia] @Luck of the Irish *Gacha Item* 

Butterflies on Face |Persfona| Persefona

 Fire Within  Aqua Outfit |Hatili Ishtari| OrsiniRed

fairy kitchen - fairy wing |Charming Meiler|  ::{u.f.o}:: @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 

Hideaway Anklet Leather Black/ Blue Pack |Hatili Ishtari| OrsiniRed

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