.random. Matter. [Aria]

32. Nagada Nagada

12:21 AMUnknown

Ho Oye Haaye Oye
Rang Puredi Rang Rangili
Full of color, Wearing colorful clother
Ladaki Chail Chabili
This happy go lucky girl
Usade Chanchal Nain Kataar
Her mischievious eyes are like a dagger
Are Chanchal Nain Kataar Te Usada
Her mischievious eyes are like a dagger and her
Rup Bana Hathiyaar
Beauty became a weapon
Usake Rup Se Katal Hue To
When I got killed by her fatal looks
Charcha Shuru Hua
Then discussions started
Nagaada Nagaada Nagaada Baja
The Kettledrum started beating 
Nagaada Nagaada Nagaada Baja
The Kettledrum started beating 
Pose: Pose: Odalisque |crisvalmont| CV Poses
Hello Lovelies!
It's been quite sometime since my last post. I was away on Vaca in RL, but I'm finally back and trying to get into the swing of things. So I was super excited to blog with Ors Quan, this super awesomely amazingly talented male blogger. Check out his [Blog]. We were inspired to do this Indian theme photo from items found at Uber.  
Pose: Qopi 2 |Lucas777 Vespucciano| SKBIO Animation 
Style Card:
Ashri Skin - Porcelain |Nikohl Hax| .random.Matter.

Ishya |Truth Hawks| Truth Hair @Uber *NEW*

Cecile Liner { o11 } |Nocetea Despres| < nova >
Valentina { oo1 } |Nocetea Despres| < nova >

Joanna { oo2 } |Nocetea Despres| < nova > @Cosmetic Fair *NEW*

Hand tattoo:
Henna Slink Hands Tattoo |psyqueen| :MoonAmore:

Addams // Rapsodia Jacket w/ T-Shirt // Maitreya |AmaliaRainwood| Addams @Uber *NEW*

Shirley Pants |Antonia Millar| Emporium

Echium Heels |Glamistry| Glamistry @Kustom9 *NEW*

Ashira Hoops |Maxi Gossamer| Maxi Gossamer

Headdress & Nose Ring: 
Ashira  |Maxi Gossamer| Maxi Gossamer 

Home & Garden: 
Sundara Villa, |Mike Denneny| The Den @Uber *NEW*

Oversized wall cushion. coral sari. |Tab Tatham| junk. @Uber *NEW*

Sari wall hanging. one. |Tab Tatham| junk. @Uber *NEW*

ziad lantern. magenta. |Tab Tatham| junk. @Uber *NEW*

oversized wall cushion. green mandala. |Tab Tatham| junk. @Uber *NEW*

Deva hanging tapestry |Yelo Uriza| [ARIA] @Uber *NEW*

Lotus Spa Rugs |Isla Gealach| Cheeky Pea @Uber *NEW*

Hookah  |Raph Dirval| [ NikotiN ]

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