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33. Hair!

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I just wanna be myself
And I want you to love me for who I am
I just wanna be myself
And I want you to know, I am my hair
Pose: Hello Gorgeous |Valena Vacano | Double Take 
Left Hair: Lucrecia |Truth Hawks| Truth Hair 
Right Hair: Paola |Truth Hawks| Truth Hair 
 Hello Lovelies!

I have a massive blog post for you guys today. I've decided to focus on hair, I was really inspired to do this blog post from the most recent releases of Truth Hairs. These amazingly beautiful hairs, like I'm honestly in love with them. They're a necessity so go out an buy them! I absolutely adore this  Maby Jumper outfit from Addams, it's so freakin' cute! It's available at N-Twenty1. The outfit paired perfectly with the Holly Sneakers from ILLI.

Pose: Mirror Mirror  |Valena Vacano | Double Take 
Left Hair: Octavia |Truth Hawks| Truth Hair 
Right Hair: Nayeli  |Truth Hawks| Truth Hair 
Style Card:

Various Hairs from Truth {check captions} |Truth Hawks| Truth Hair

Ashri Skin - Porcelain |Nikohl Hax| .random.Matter. 

Gabby { oo1 } |Noctea Despres| <Nova> @anyBODY *NEW*

Lia {Nyam Nyam appliers} |Noctea Despres| <Nova> @anyBODY *NEW*

Amore Couple Necklace Platinum |Natalee Oodles| Noodles

Maby Jumper with Shirt // Maitreya |AmaliaRainwood| Addams @N-Twenty1 

 Slink Holly Sneaker |Equitum| ..::ILLI::..

Now playing:

Home & Garden 

Barbershop building + RARE |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Open-close sign |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item*

Wood Blinds |Aptb| Apt B // *Gacha Item*

Reception desk |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item*

Wide supply cabinet |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item*

Barbershop posters |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item*

Gentlemen sign |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item*

Cash register |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item*

Price list |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item*

Payphone / silver |Tegan Serin| floorplan. *Gacha Item*

Russian Woodwork Inspired Mirror (TALL) Brown |Jammeh| Toro.

Gretchen vintage rug (fade to black) |Yelo Uriza| [ARIA] *Gacha Item*

Laundry basket / cloth 1 |Kenzo Gateaux| oyasumi /  *Gacha Item*

Clean Sweep - two old brooms |Elle Kishner| Second Spaces

Clean Sweep - hook shelf |Elle Kishner| Second Spaces

Barbershop chair (brown) +  RARE |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Barbershop chair (black) +  RARE |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Shelf (with clutter) |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Shelf (empty) |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Barbershop station |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Mirror |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Industrial Lamp |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Wall supply shelf  |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Sensual fish pennant |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Stack of towels |Froukje Hoorenbeek| Dutchie 

Bathroom Clutter - bottles of beauty |Elle Kishner| Second Spaces *Gacha Item* 

Cluttered House - beauty clutter RARE |Elle Kishner| Second Spaces *Gacha Item* 

Barber's tools |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Shave stuff |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Clipper heads |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Dye bowl |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Barber's cart |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Crimper |Tegan Serin| floorplan. *Gacha Item*

Bobby pins |Tegan Serin| floorplan. *Gacha Item*

Hair products |Tegan Serin| floorplan. *Gacha Item*

Scissors |Tegan Serin| floorplan. *Gacha Item*

Wireless blowdryer |Tegan Serin| floorplan. *Gacha Item*

Storage cart |Tegan Serin| floorplan. *Gacha Item*

Arizona-Bathroom trash bin |Ria Bazar| ~Bazar~ 

Picture Curtain (B/W New York) |Isabeau Baragula| Kalopsia

Morning paper |Superjaix & Jammeh| xin + toro //  *Gacha Item* 

Rachel Sofa - Cream PG |Distoreddreams| [Fetch]

Cabin Fever Table |Distoreddreams| [Fetch]

Hodgepodge - Stacked Magazines |Julliette Westerburg| -tres blah-  *Gacha Item*

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