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Pose: From time to time a drink |Shiva Swords| shis.s. poses 
Hello Lovelies!
 Sorry that It's been a while since my last post,  I've been experiencing some major computer issues that delayed me from actually publishing this post! D: Also this is quite a long blog post, so sorry again! Thank for reading ♥
Pose: From time to time a drink |Shiva Swords| shis.s. poses 

Anyways, about this post/scene I was inspired to create this Frat House party scene from Alessia Cara's "Here" song (video is down below).  Some of the items I would like to highlight in this post are ILLI's BF Varsity Jacket, it's super detailed and comes with this awesome hud that allows you to change the main colors and sleeves. I also wanted to highlight Livalle's Chyna Lace Up Platform Boots, they're super detailed and AMAZING! Now to decor, I really couldn't have done this scene without the awesome decor of Toro., (epia), and Xin.

Thank you to Stav and G and all of their friends who TP'd to a total stranger's house for a picture. Lol Thank you to Bribri and Vanity ♥ I couldn't have done this post without you guys!

Pose: Qopi 2 |Lucas777 Vespucciano| SKBIO Animation 
Ximena |Truth Hawks| Truth Hair 

Mesh Head: 
Alex |Maximillion Grant| LOGO

Claire Eyeshadow - OMEGA APPLIER |Noctea Despres|  < nova >

Nose ring: 
 [Goa party] : Baga nosering |Zaara Kohime| Zaara *Gacha Item* 

Legend - Black - RARE |Julie Hastings| [White~Widow]  *Gacha Item* 

Bow Leather Gloves - SLink Casual |Crashnoww| **RE**

Classic BF Varsity Jacket |Equitum| ..::ILLI::..

Lola - Denim Shorts |blueberryxx| Blueberry

 Bonie - Stockings  |blueberryxx| Blueberry

Chyna -Lace up Platform Boot |Lindsey Warwick| {Livalle}

Black Backpack (hand pose) RARE |Equitum| ..::ILLI::.. *Gacha Item* 

Galax SL5 Phone //|Debora Stine|  MUSCHI

Home & Garden 

Huntsman Manor |Charlotte Bartlett| Scarlet Creative 

Beer Pong Table! |Verone Potez| (epia) 

Elles' Rusty Sofa |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

Director's Chair {Brown Leahter}  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

Elles' Coffee Table |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

filthy couch |Jammeh & Superjaix| xin + toro // *Gacha Item* 

boss chair |Jammeh & Superjaix| xin + toro // *Gacha Item* 

Wooden Minimal Table  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

crates display + A |Superjaix|  xin. *Gacha Item* 

Hookah |Raph Dirval| [ NikotiN ]

Elles' Window Bed |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

Huge Curtain  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

shelf (empty) |Jammeh & Superjaix| xin + toro // *Gacha Item* 

Weed Jar + Pipe  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

 Elles' Cocaine Mirror {Silver}Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

Solo Red Cup (add)|Verone Potez| (epia) 

Beer Keg |Verone Potez| (epia) *Gacha Item* 

Fairylight Balloons - All Colors - Group |Halogen Magic| +Half-Deer+ 

(epia) - Shot Glass Roulette |Verone Potez| (epia) *Gacha Item* 

[Goa party] : Cannabis plant |Zaara Kohime| Zaara *Gacha Item* 

crates display + A |Superjaix|  xin. *Gacha Item* 

way2indie4u shelf |Superjaix|  xin. *Gacha Item* 

Turntable  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

Creative Laptop - Gamer |Toast Bard| (fd)  *Gacha Item* 

surround system  |Corvus Szpiegel| [ht:home] 

Display Art: 
Oriental Tapestry  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

!!! wall art  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

Mad Science Sign  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

[Goa party] : Poster *eat me* |Zaara Kohime| Zaara *Gacha Item* 

Mixed thoughts Artwork  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

Garden Lightbox Deco  {XX}  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

Wallhanging + Lights {Morrocan}  |Jammeh| Toro.  

Artwork [Op Art]  |Jammeh| Toro.  *Gacha Item* 

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