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38. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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Hello Lovelies!

So it's been a hot minute since my last post, and with Christmas literally around the corner I thought I would do a cute little Christmas themed blog post! A couple of items I would like to feature are ILLI's work boots which are available at Tres Chic, they're super cute and just like many ILLI shoes totally customizable via HUD! Also what's the holiday season without epic sweaters?! [Cosmic Dust] created these gorgeous Holiday Sweaters just in time for Christmas! Be warned, they're a gacha item at N-Twenty1 which opens tomorrow, there are three rare items sweaters. (Best of luck!) I also want to highlight Truth Hair's newest VIP group gifts the Pompom hat is adorable and I am absolutely in love with the bang expansion back. I love being able to add bangs to Truth's hair! To obtain these gifts you can join the Truth Hair VIP group inworld!  Thank you for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! 
Zaidee ♥

Irena [+PomPomHat] |Truth hawks| Truth Hair VIP Group Gift
Bangs [Wavy Cut Short]  |Truth hawks| Truth Hair VIP Group Gift

The Pia Bar - Angel |crystalny| Amala

Holiday Sweater - ReindeerSnow - Maitreya RARE |Bodytothestars| [Cosmic Dust]  @ N-21 *Gacha Item* 

Boyfriend Jeans Slim Low - Dark - Lara |Onyx LeShelle| Maitreya 

Maitreya Whitney Work Boots |equitum|..::ILLI::..  @Tres Chic 

JIAN Holiday Huskies :: Held Pup (Grey) |Jiansl| JIAN @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 

Home & Garden 

Santa's Workshop RARE |Scarlet Chandrayaan| Alouette *Gacha Item* 

Fireplace & Shelves RARE |Scarlet Chandrayaan| Alouette *Gacha Item* 
Santa's Chair |Scarlet Chandrayaan| Alouette *Gacha Item* 
Christmas Dining Table |warehousefifteendesigns| Apple Fall *Gacha Item* 

Christmas Tree  RARE |warehousefifteendesigns| Apple Fall *Gacha Item* 
Soiree - Gifts |Julliette Westerburg| -tres blah- *Gacha Item* 
Double Presents |Scarlet Chandrayaan| Alouette *Gacha Item* 
Large Pile of Presents |Scarlet Chandrayaan| Alouette *Gacha Item* 
Magical Christmas - Pile of Gifts#2 |danielestro| [ zerkalo ]  *Gacha Item* 
French Press |Jammeh| Toro. @TMD *Gacha Item* 
Tea and Cookies - COMMON |Paco Pooley| 22769 ~ [bauwerk]  @The Arcade  *Gacha Item* 
Home for the Holidays - Mantle Deco  Remarkable Oblivion |axsisthorn| @The Arcade *Gacha Item* 
Waiting for Santa Paws - Hicuppy Beagle  RARE |damascusvera|  O.M.E.N  *Gacha Item* 

Sylph : frozen : quad |Alir Flow| *alirium*
Tiny forest : sweet|Alir Flow| *alirium*

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